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Dust of Wrathful Years

Dust of Wrathful Years

1939⁣. Childhood is cut short by the outbreak of war. After a short-lived era of renaissance, Poland is once again being torn to pieces. The endless struggle for freedom returns.

Aniela, Jadzia and Kamil were simply adolescents growing up in a promising age of renewal. Part of a generation born with their homeland’s independence, they were to discover Poland as a free and thriving country… Only to later discover death and destruction. In the face of terror imposed by the German invasion, they take up arms to fight. The young scouts become bold soldiers, determined to defend righteousness against the all-encompassing and merciless evil.

Discover the trials and peripeties of the Polish Underground through the eyes of youth in the Scouting movement. After their lives are shattered, they must not only protect their country but also rebuild the ruins of their hearts.

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